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Get One, Give One

Support Veterans Who Battle PTSD

Buy a specially marked bottle of CBD and one will be sent to a veteran in your area!

Tru Infusion CBD has partnered with The Heroic Hearts Project and the Pat Tillman Foundation and will be selling specially marked bottles of CBD products. For every product with the specially marked labeling that’s sold, another one will be sent to a veteran in the nearby area to assist with the treatment of PTSD.


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TRU Infusion CBD’s Goal

Every day, men and women who fought bravely for our country suffer from this disorder and many of them end up harming themselves or struggle to lead normal, healthy lives. Organizations like The Heroic Hearts Project have stepped up and worked diligently to provide support for these brave men and women.

TRU infusion CBD’s Goal

We want to not only provide our veterans with CBD products that will help them mange and treat their symptoms, but also raise awareness to this problem. Many of the people who buy these products do so because of how effectively they help in the treatment of dozens of conditions including anxiety, sleep issues. depression, migraines and so forth.

With your help we can provide support and assistance to thousands of veterans throughout this country and show them that they are not alone and that their efforts in defending this country have not gone unnoticed.

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