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Our Process

Our Process

We spare no expense when it comes to the quality of our products; all the choices we make are with quality in mind so that we can provide a premium CBD experience to our customers. Expensive manufacturing processes, only sourcing ingredients from the US, and testing through ISO 17025 certified labs multiple times throughout production, allows us to consistently provide high-quality CBD products to the industry.

CBD products on the market can span a wide range of quality depending on the choices made by a company. From the hemp seed used to grow the raw materials, to the extraction process of the hemp and even the ingredients used in the final products; each decision affects the quality of the finished goods.

Our Process

From Seed to Shelf

Quality Roots

US based Farm- Colorado 

We prioritized soil composition, climate and experience for our hemp farm selection to be sure we are using only the most quality grown hemp available. After ruling out any farm internationally and visiting farms in 8 states, Colorado was an easy choice. Fed by the clean and clear Colorado River, Colorado farms produce the most nutrient rich hemp in the world. 

Supply Chain Transparency

Documentation from seed to shelf

We take complete ownership of our supply chain so that our customers can be certain the products of ours that they use are of the utmost quality. We take this very seriously, so we track the entire process with each individual step documented to ensure that all the proper precautions are taken, and the safest methods are utilized. 

Production Quality


Using low temperatures for safe and gentle extraction, we’re able to safely save the Cannabinoids leaving the purest CBD available.

CBD Oil Testing

Our products are triple tested throughout the entire production process. We test through an ISO 17025 certified Independent Lab, after extraction, again before production, and then post-production in order to verify that each product is of the highest quality. Each batch of raw material is verified to contain the proper purity of CBD, to be free from heavy metals and pesticides, as well as to contain 0% THC. We never use any raw materials that have even trace amounts of THC, .3% is too much for us. We also verify post-production that our processes and procedures are efficient and correct by testing the finished goods to prove that the dosage we claim on the packaging is the dosage in the product itself. We pride ourselves on providing the most quality product possible and proper testing is our way of ensuring that to our customers.