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First Time Buyers Guide

A First Time CBD Buyers Guide

CBD has become what feels like an overnight sensation. The popularity has driven companies to launch new brands literally overnight to address the demand. These circumstances have created a convergence of Consumer confusion and a mixture of both high-quality and low-class products, making it difficult to determine if CBD is right for you and who to trust.

As a first-time buyer it is important to get all the education upfront. This Buyers Guide will help you understand what CBD is, the difference between cannabis plants, what precautions to take before buying a product and an overall understanding of the CBD landscape.

Hemp vs Marijuana

The common misconception is that CBD comes exclusively from Marijuana. The truth is that Marijuana is a sub species of Cannabis plant family and contains a high amount of THC as well as other chemical compounds (cannabinoids). THC is the chemical compound that is known for the “High”. Hemp is also a sub species of the cannabis plant family and by law is only allowed to contain .3% THC or less. Hemp contains many other chemical compounds (cannabinoids) that DO NOT have a “high” effect, but studies are beginning to show these cannabinoids may have benefits for the human body.

TRU Infusion CBD only uses CBD oil derived from hemp and through testing we ensure our CBD products contain 0.00% THC. We do not allow even a small percentage into our products.

Buyer Beware- What to look out for when purchasing CBD

1. Posted Lab Results

Only purchase from companies that post their lab results. You will want to see on those lab results if they contain THC and if the mg on the packaging matches the test. is a third party site that anonymously purchases products and verifies the testing is correct, refer to their site as a “double-check”.

2. Miracle Drug Claims

If a company makes claims that seem “to good to be true” or claims anything might be cured they are in direct FDA violations. If they are willing to violate laws, it is safe to say they will cut corners on manufacturing.

3. Too good to be true prices

If a company has a price per mg so much lower than the competition, they are probably able to do so by cutting corners. By now, Major CBD players like TRU Infusion CBD, have enough buying power to get prices down quite low, so if prices vary a few dollars here and there it makes sense, but a drastic difference should signal you as a buyer that something is up.

This includes other scams like just pay shipping, no website only a social media site, only sold on Amazon, etc.

Buyer Checklist

  1. Third Party Tested with results that match the product
  2. Made with Hemp Grown in the US
  3. No “crazy” claims or use of the word Cure
  4. Safest Extraction methods, Co2 Extraction