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Benefits of Using CBD

TRU Infusion CBD Way

We stand by our name TRU Infusion, because all of our products are Truly Infused. With the most technologically advanced methods available, our products are made from scratch in small batches with Broad Spectrum Oil & CBD Isolate to ensure quality, full infusion and accurate dosing. We have all our raw materials and finished products tested by a third party testing facility to guarantee that our infusion methods are effective and accurate. If it says 50mg, period.

Quality Matters

TRU Nano Technology

A proprietary system developed to create nano-sized particles of cannabidiol (CBD), vitamins and terpenes. Nano particles are scientifically shown to have superior bioavailability. Bioavailability impacts the degree and the rate in which the body is able to use nutrients.
Tru-Nano technology allows us to breakdown the CBD into smaller more refined particles allowing for better absorption in the circulatory system. This means that a 50mg dose of a product with Tru-Nano CBD will feel stronger than a 50mg product without this technology.