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CBZzz Tincture 500mg



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CBZzz Sleep Tincture

Tired of restless nights? TRU Infusion CBZzz products provide an alternative by combining the powerful natural rest aid ingredients of CBG & CBN with the relaxing power of TRU Infusion CBD. Enhance your nighttime routine and support your sound, quality sleep, and maintain regular sleeping cycles with TRU Infusion CBZzz’s.

Why TRU Infusion CBD

TRU Infusion CBD Tincture are made using safe, Co2 extracted, CBD, CBG & CBN from legal Hemp grown right here in the U.S. Every batch is tested before and after production to ensure there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or unwanted chemicals used in the growth of the hemp or the extraction of the CBD

Suggested Use

Tinctures are a fast and easy way to consume CBD. Our CBD +CBG +CBN Oil blend can be added to food or beverages for consumption, but we suggest placing the CBD oil directly under the tongue. Our CBD Tincture droppers are designed with notches to make it simple to know how much of 1 full dropper is being taken. Simply fill the dropper to the desired notch and squeeze it under the tongue.

1 Full dropper = 1mL

600mg = 20mg of CBD per 1mL Serving

Tincture Dosing


MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, CBN Isolate

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