Dog Bundle

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The Dog Bundle is designed to make sure your furry friend stays healthy and feeling fit in youth and old age. Keep the paws tapping and tails wagging with all the benefits of CBD that your happy pup will enjoy.

Bundle Includes:

  • 2 – 100mg Dog Biscutis (Bacon)
  •  300mg Dog Tincture (Bacon)

CBD oil for dogs allows you to provide your pet with an array of health benefits. Your dog will love our bacon-flavored, high-quality CBD Dog Biscuits, available in bags of 20 in a 100 mg dosage. Or try our canine tincture, an infusion of CBD for dogs, delicious bacon flavoring, and MCT coconut oil in a convenient liquid. The easy-to-use dropper allows you to administer sublingually or add a drop to your dog’s favorite treat or kibble.

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