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CBD Gel Capsules 750mg

  • THC FREE product sourced from hemp grown in the U.S.
  • Third-party ISO lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness
  • High-quality Co2 extracted CBD for the cleanest hemp properties



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Gel Capsules

TRU Infusion CBD Gel capsules offer CBD Oil in a convenient and easy to ingest form. Produced from Whole Hemp plant material which are rich in triterpenoids, our capsules are a popular method of consuming CBD Oil. Customers have reported that taking CBD pills and CBD oil capsules to allow them a quick and precise way to consume CBD to ease their ailments. Gel Capsules are offered in a 30 day bottle of 25 mg capsules for a total of 750mg per bottle

Why TRU Infusion CBD

TRU Infusion CBD Capsules are made using safe, Co2 extracted, CBD from legal Hemp grown right here in the U.S. Every batch is tested before and after production to ensure there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or unwanted chemicals used in the growth of the hemp or the extraction of the CBD.

Suggested Use

CBD Oil Capsules make it easy to measure the amount of CBD taken. Other products have small variations depending on the user technique. With CBD Capsules the guess work is completely removed. CBD Pills are easily transportable so they make a good option for people who need to take CBD on the go.

Taking the CBD Oil is easy, simply take the pill orally, washing it down with a glass of water, much like any capsule is consumed. It is recommended to take the CBD Pill at the same time each day and to continue use for at least 2-3 weeks.


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